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Why Together?

From one beautiful space to another

The world of advancing technology allows us to enjoy being well connected with each other, but we believe in more. At together, we’re bringing people together through contemporary and uniquely styled office furniture, expertly designed to encourage collaboration and inspiration.

Kim Findlay and Ingemar Jonsson founded the together concept after 30 years combined in furniture design, manufacturing, sales and marketing. Their inaugural products include the together bench table with work surface options combining flexibility with soft curves. Cleverly hidden cabling for sleek office environments are just a small feature in the together range of flexible, lightweight, long lasting products.

Improving your work environment shouldn’t happen at the detriment of another so all our natural materials are sustainably sourced using the whole tree! All products in the together range are highly sustainable and recyclable.

Our products are manufactured and produced by companies who are FSC registered.



Kim Findlay – together

Kim has been involved in office furniture for many years as a manufacturer, dealer and running his own design fit out company. “Furniture has always been my passion and together has come about because myself and Ingemar, although very different people, have come to the same conclusions about the way people work.” His time as sales manager for a steelcase dealership and experience working as a consultant with clients from Apple to The Welsh Assembly has given Kim great grounding in the science behind working environments.

Kim first met Ingemar at Keen, then part of the Ercol Group, and they’ve talked about working together ever since. Together is about designing and manufacturing furniture for a different working environment, understanding how creating friendly and supportive environments leads to better and more productive businesses.


Ingemar Jonsson – together designer

From his earliest days as a Designer in Sweden Ingemar has worked with wood. Trained at YTH Jönköping Ingemar has experience of mechanical engineering, wood technology and design. It is not surprising then that Moota and the concept comes from the mind of someone with this background.

Ingemar’s career experience spans some of the most well know names in the industry including Director of Product Planning and Design at Kinnarps, The Keen Group, Ercol Furniture and Artek/Tom Dixon.

He has always prided himself on being able to tackle not only the complexities of design but the diverse issues concerned with the develop of products that can be manufactured efficiently and meet the highest standards of construction and finish. Sustainability, product life cycle and energy efficiency are also vital parts of his approach to design and manufacturing.

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